My two bits on Arvind Kejriwal

Today, Arvind Kejriwal’s transformation from activist to politician will probably be complete. Regardless of the National Council meet’s outcome, his bluff has now been called. The practice of Alternative Politics, a theme close to many an AAP supporter’s heart, is a long, arduous and often tedious process. It requires a lot of patience and ‘weight bearing capacity’ and Kejriwal has neither of the two. What he has, is a shrewd political instinct which he will henceforth utilise to be at the forefront of the next emerging anti-BJP front. Though Delhi is a small State, the optics it gets for being the National Capital gives it a much bigger profile. He will use this and the media and the symbolism of challenging Modi in Varanasi in 2014 to emerge as the one man who is capable of taking on the Prime Minister. He will have no qualms in leading any of the off-shoots of the Congress, the Congress itself or tukdas of the erstwhile Janta parivar because the greater ‘Secular’ and ‘anti-Capitalist’ cause must prevail. In the battle between Realpolitik and Idealism the former always prevails. And Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan aren’t the only sacrificial lambs; they are just the fattest ones.


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